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"Sword Gate" A Southern Castle



                  There’s a place where sipping your morning coffee and listening to horse carriages on cobblestone is the start to every day.  It’s here where you can appreciate warm summer nights accompanied by a salty ocean breeze. The allure of the latest sunset and a flowering magnolia tree are the natural treasures you will hold dear for a lifetime. If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of history, Charleston South Carolina might be one of the best places in the United States to realize that dream. Referred to as “The Holy City,” Charleston is graced with many neighborhoods filled with gorgeous historical architecture that exude romance. The elegant French Quarter, Harleston Village, and South of Broad are just a few. Located in the heart of peninsula Charleston at the corner of Tradd and Legare is a perfect architectural mélange of Charleston history.






            Built by French Huguenots in 1803, the stately “Sword Gate Mansion” is on the National Register. The elegant estate of over 19,000 square feet includes 9 bedrooms, 13 full bathrooms, and a carriage house! Gardens abound on this beautiful property providing a peaceful escape within the old brick walls and the commanding gates of iron. So how does someone clean and care for 19,000 square feet and 9 bedrooms?? Not to worry! There is a separate wing containing a butler and maids residence for your convenience. Sword Gate embodies a narrative unlike most. Abraham Lincoln’s granddaughter once called it her home. The property has also been a tannery, an elite private girls school, a museum, and an Inn.  So the question remains.. Can you really put a price tag on history? Yep you certainly can! That is why the home is listed as the most expensive residential property on the market in the city of Charleston right now. Nineteen million five hundred thousand dollars will secure you a southern castle fit for a king and queen! That may very well be who ends up buying the property. Ever since the early beginnings of America, Charleston has been a city of awe-inspiring wonders. Whether you own a fortune 500 company and are looking to buy, or you are just visiting our southern coastal city. Take an evening walk down Legare. The flickering gas lamps will light your path all the way to “Sword Gate”. Peer through the wrought iron and marvel at one of Charleston’s greatest pieces of real estate.




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