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          First of all I would like to extend a big thank you for visiting Your Charleston Paradise! My name is Cory Robertson. I am the lead agent, and a lucky resident of this beautiful city. The start of this story for me began on the otherside of the country when I graduated from the University of North Dakota with a Communications degree in Broadcast Journalism. Shortly after I made a life changing move south to Charleston South Carolina where I would work for ABC News 4 as a Photojournalist. During my time as a journalist in the field I was fully immersed in the low country community covering many stories. From start to finish in my journalism career I received accolades including four Society of Professional Journalist awards, and two Emmys. Since then my career has transitioned from journalism and the news room to starting a real estate business and Charleston lifestyle brand. I met my beautiful wife Sara here in the Holy City, and for two transplants we are grateful to say it is our home. Moving to Charleston was the best decision I ever made, and I am passionate about this community and helping others with their real estate needs. If I'm not hustling for my clients or spending time with friends, you might see me out walking my crazy dog through the gorgeous historical neighborhoods of Charleston. I am also grateful to be a part of Seacoast my local church as a weekend director for the services. Thank you for stopping by, and welcome to Your Charleston Paradise.

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